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Get a Cash Offer Today

How The Process Works

Get a Cash Offer Today

Selling a house can be expensive, time-consuming, and stressful. As your premium cash buyers for homes, 10D Homes can eradicate that stress and offer you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your house hassles are fully done – without having to show it, fix it up, evict the tenants, or even waiting for buyer financing. And, all of it happens so quickly.

We Work With People Every Day of the Week Who Need To Sell Their House Quickly

From people going through a relocating, divorce, in foreclosure, and can’t sell their house to those who have the ownership of a vacant house they don’t want to deal with anymore, to people who inherited a house they don’t want, landlords tired of dealing with tenants, good folks who lost their job and can’t afford to pay a real estate agent their fees to sell it or just can’t afford the house payment anymore, to people who owe more on their house than it is actually worth, and listing with an agent just isn’t an alternative.

What’s Common Among All These People?

If This Sounds Like You Then,

  • You deserve a fair treatment
  • You need a prompt solution that puts cash in your pocket almost instantly
  • You should not have to pay all the additional cash for real estate closing fees, agent fees, etc.
  • You just want to end the trouble this house is giving to you

And, 10D Homes can help you accomplish all of this. If you want to sell your house, give us a call right now at 214-571-7946.

So Who Are We?

10D Homes is the Dallas area’s most respected service that buys homes for cash. We’re a highly experienced home buying team that always focus on assisting homeowners like you to sell your house fast, without any fees, games, or hassle. We’re dedicated to offering this service with integrity and transparency throughout the overall experience.

We buy houses in Dallas and other parts of Texas. We’re familiar with the area, which means our home buying team can assist you in selling your house fast, irrespective of its condition and the area it’s located in.

Again, don’t mistake us for agents trying to sell your house to others. We’re professional house buyers as we buy houses for cash, which means we’re ready to buy through our own cash. We can make you an on-spot offer. Once we make an offer, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to accept it or not. Don’t worry, take your time to talk it over with others, shop around, and think before deciding. We have a strict, no-pressure policy, and many of our previous clients are satisfied with it. What does this mean? It works.


Can I Avoid Or Stop Foreclosure By Selling My House?

Yes, in the majority of the cases. When you sell your house, it may help save your credit and stops closure. So if you’re looking for cash buyers in DFW, call us now at 214-571-7946 to get started.

We’ll make you an offer in a day. You decide if you’re okay with it or not. It’s that stress-free and smooth.


    Sell My Home for Cash Today

    Manu of the residents of Texas struggle through home selling for any reason. The time and the complex processes take a toll on them at some point. They want their house sold quickly so they can focus on other activities. 10D Homes is here to take away their worries and give them an easy, hassle-free way. Even if a realtor cannot sell, we will buy your house, and as a bonus, you do not need to repair or clean.

    Our Team Effort

    10D Homes is the most respected and trusted cash buyer for home service in Dallas, Texas. We are a team of highly experienced homebuyers that always focus on assisting homeowners having trouble selling their properties. We offer our services for anyone asking to sell my home for cash without any extra stress or hassle. We are dedicated to serving you with utmost professionalism and accountability throughout the process.

    We buy homes for cash in Dallas and other parts of Texas and familiarity with the locations. It means our home buying team can assist you in selling your house fast, without the need of making any costly repairs or renovations.

    We are not related to real estate agents trying to sell your house to others and keep a commission in between. We are professional house buyers who buy homes for cash, meaning we offer you a fair price and buy the property on a cash on-hand basis. Once we make an offer, it is up to you to decide whether you want to accept it or not. Our professional team explains each step of the process to help you make an informed decision.

    Do not worry and take your time to talk it over with others, shop around, and think before deciding. We have a strict, no-pressure policy that has garnered a list of many satisfied customers. Our list of reviews and recommendations has grown each day and has encouraged us to refine our services. We claim to be the best in the industry and have a long list of accomplishments to back that.

    Take your stress away by attaining our services and making your life easy. Do not hesitate to reach us anytime on out toll free number to clear your queries regarding our services. We have assisted countless clients throughout Texas in home selling needs by making the process easy. No matter the condition, we are here to take buy the home from you and pay you immediately after closing.