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Need to Sell Your Home in Texas?

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Selling your home requires much thought and consideration. Not to mention, it has procedures that might stress you out. 10D Homes offers a smooth process to sell your home in Texas without any stress.

Avoid The Hassle of Repairs, Realtors & Uncertainty

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    Are you one of the homeowners seeking ways to sell your house? The most popular options for selling a house are yourself, listing with a real estate agent, or seeking companies that buy homes in Texas. Many people do not even realize all of these aspects mentioned and end up missing a sale without hassle or stress.

    Selling yourself and listing with a real estate agent are the most common paths, but they are not for everyone. Before you approach a buyer, your house needs to be in pristine condition. You will need to stage your home, and repairs will need to be made, so you will likely need to rent a storage unit for any additional items you may have lying around. You will need to account for commission fees, and the process itself can take months. Not to mention you have to wait patiently for people who want to buy homes in Texas.

    Minus the commission fees, selling by owner is pretty much the same. The downside of selling by owner is that you will be required to do all the legwork involved with advertising and setting up showings – the thing the real estate agent handles.


    What If You Don’t Have The Option Of Selling The House Yourself Or Use A Real Estate Agent?

    You may simply not have the resource or time to go through a real estate agent or sell your home in Texas on your own. Actually, this is where the companies that buy houses option comes into play. The fastest way to sell your house is through the people who buy a house fast, for cash.

    No Budget for Costly Repairs? Welcome To 10D Homes

    You don’t need to clean your house, make repairs, or stage to sell. The majority of the companies that buy homes in Texas can close a deal within a matter of days. You may own a house or inherited a house that needs substantial repairs. These repairs can cost you thousands of dollars, making it difficult to get your house in a presentable shape. You may be experiencing foreclosure and need to sell your house fast to move on with life. You may be moving and need to get rid of a rental property you’re losing money on or don’t have the time to sell or manage through the real estate market. While the situation of everyone is different, there’s a solution for every circumstance.

    A Home Selling Process That Works

    Our simple, three-step process makes it easy to sell your home in Texas. Since we’ve purchased a lot of homes in the past few years, our process is custom-made to your circumstances. Through years of experience, we’ve established the process to make it easy and fast to move on with your life. At 10D Homes, we’ve earned our reputation on offering a stress-free solution to our clients.

    Why Should You Trust 10D Homes?

    Do your research if you choose to go to the home buying option. Ensure the company you select has a proven track record. Plus, the company shouldn’t use overly aggressive sales tactics.

    As investors buying homes that are interested in buying houses, 10D Homes has developed a system that expedites the home buying/selling process. We’ve developed this system carefully over the past few years. We’ve also developed a team of home buying experts that specialize in every area of the process. Our clients pay no additional inspections or fees. By adding maximum value to our clients, we’ve streamlined the process. Because we’ve eradicated all the dead weight that usually comes with a conventional real estate transaction, we’re able to pay you in cash for your house in just a matter of days.

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    We Know What It Is Like To Need To Sell A House Fast

    Since the last few years, we’ve helped many homeowners who didn’t have anywhere to run. We know the fear that emerges with facing something that’s not known. During their house selling experience, the biggest relief our clients have was working with an experienced company that can deal with any kind of circumstance when you sell your home in Texas. So a lot of our clients believed they were in a spot where nobody can assist. During your house selling journey, there’s no reason to feel like you’re alone. We make it our business to assist you in every step of the way and ensure you get a reasonable price for your house.

    We are the People Who Buy Homes in Texas

    10D Homes takes all these stresses away and buys a house from a seller right away. We are among the industry professionals that provide a hassle-free process for selling your house easily. No need to waste time waiting for a buyer to approach you or regularly check listings. We are the people who buy homes in Texas directly from the sellers without any intermediary. Our process is smooth and straightforward, with which you can sell your house easily.

    Similarly, you may face foreclosure and need to sell your house fast for relief, or you may need to get rid of a property before moving and not have the time to sell or manage through the real estate market. While everyone’s situation is different, there is a solution for every circumstance by the name of 10D Homes.

    We offer the best price among the other companies that buy homes in Texas irrespective of the condition. You can sell your house fast without spending money on costly repairs. We pay 100% cash for every property, and not only that, we close quickly. No matter the location in Texas, we offer and pay a fair price for your house.

    Our Process Works

    Our three-step process makes it easy and straightforward to sell your home. Through years of experience, we have established the process to make it reliable and fast to sell your home in Texas. At 10D Homes, we have earned our reputation on offering a stress-free home selling solution to our clients. Since we have purchased several homes throughout our service, we have designed our buy/sell process according to your requirements.

    Trust for service lies in its reliability and service process. We encourage you to research before approaching a home buying service. You will see that the name of 10D Homes always upholds the trust factor for clients. You can also check the reviews we have in the industry and make a decision accordingly.

    Investors Buying Homes in Texas

    10D Homes has developed a smooth system that expedites the home buying/selling process. As investors buying homes in Texas, we have developed this structure carefully over the past few years. Our team of professional home-buying experts specializes in every area of the industry.

    Our service’s bonus point is that our clients pay no fees for additional inspections, as we have eliminated all the hassle that usually comes with a conventional real estate transaction. 10D Homes pays you in cash for your house in just a matter of days.

    Very Easy to Sell Your Home

    We buy a home without a realtor that eliminates the need of paying any extra commission for the service to anyone. Our smooth and hassle free step take away the stress due to real estate agents to buy the home with a better price value. No need to contact anyone else when you have the services of 10D Homes available for you.

    Sell Your House The Faster, Easier Way With 10D Homes

    STEP 01.

    Contact us to give us details about your house. One of our home buying specialists will provide you with an offer range over the phone in just minutes.

    STEP 02.

    We finalize the paperwork after coming to your property.

    STEP 03.

    You schedule your settlement date after signing the paperwork.

    Remember, freedom is just days away

    When you choose us, you choose to live the life hundreds of our clients are enjoying. There’s a faster, easier, better way. A way that has been proven time and time again to work. The freedom that comes from a hassle-free house sell is a new start and opportunity to live life on your own terms.

    So, if you’re looking to buy a home without a realtor, you should not look further than what 10D Homes has to offer. Contact us now to know more!

    What Our Clients Say About Us

    Dorothy S. – Plano, TX

    If you’re looking for a real estate company of integrity, I would highly recommend 10D Homes. Their team goes above and beyond to provide solutions to homeowners like me with properties that have become a headache. They strive to help no matter how big the problem is. I would certainly recommend them to others.

    Joseph P. – Tampa, FL

    John is an easy-going, fun person to work with, patient and very detailed person. His knowledge of the real estate and genuine interest in our needs and desires made selling our property with an A+ experience. We couldn’t be happier with the service we received from John. We would certainly recommend 10D Homes to others.

    Michelle and John C. – Balch Springs, TX

    My family was in a tough spot and needed to sell my home quickly. When I met John and talked over the phone he was actually amazing and helped everything go very smoothly and made us a fair deal! At first, we were skeptical but working with him was the best thing we could have done! My family and I were very delighted in our new town and it was because 10D Homes and John itself.

    Eva Lee M. – Dallas, TX

    I don’t usually leave any reviews, expect if it really caught my attention. I think it’s fair enough if I will give back my review with 10D Homes, because John really helped me lift such a huge burden off my shoulders. It’s the least I can do for him.

    Rene T. – Desoto. TX

    At first, selling my property to investment companies is not my top priority. My goal is to sell it by myself because I want to save as much as possible. But as the time goes by I get tired of doing it myself and my friend suggested to sell my house with 10D Homebuyers, LLC. They are not actually the first company I contacted but I spoke with a bunch of investors and most of them offered me a very low ball offer. Then when I spoke with John, at first I’m not comfortable because I was thinking that he might be the same as the previous investors I spoke with. But surprisingly he really caught my attention, he patiently answered all my questions, gave me more solutions on how he can help me sell my house fast and easy. I was running out of time, money and options at that moment when he offered me the fair amount I asked for and I immediately agreed with his offer. So far so good! Anderson M. -Fort Worth John is pretty consistent with the process of buying my home, he always updates me from time to time of what is happening and what I need to know to make the transaction easier and faster.

    Sally and Robert S. – Garland, TX

    Thank you very much John and your team for helping me to stop the foreclosure auction regarding my house and bought it at a fair-fair win price. Your patient, sincerity, compassion and genuine intentions of helping me are very much appreciated and treasured. Rest assured I will recommend you to anyone that needs help in the future and to people I know who have the same problem as mine.

    Karl Anderson – Frisco – TX

    I loved selling my property to 10D Homes. It was a great experience because I didn’t need to experience the intrusion of people marching through my house. John, made the process easy, smooth and laid everything out for me so it was nice and clear. I would without a doubt recommend them to my friends and neighbors.

    Justin A. – Dallas, TX

    I bought my first home last 2005. I am very happy to have it because there’s a lot of memories I left there. But after 15 years I had to let go of that house because there was a very good opportunity and I certainly need to let go for my dream job! While searching for a company and doing some marketing for myself to sell the house I came to this website ( and contacted the number. Luckily I was able to speak with John, the owner and he patiently helped me, guiding me the process on how to sell my house since this is the first time to do it. I would say he is very knowledgeable and really knows what he is doing. He bought it at a fair price and I couldn’t ask for more! Thank you!

    Vicky Marie – Plano, TX

    He really knew what he wanted and what he was doing!! I listed my house as a FSBO and when he contacted me, he immediately told me the price I listed is lower than the value of my property. He told me the estimated value and offered be above the typical real estate investor offers (205-70% of the value appraised value of the house). I am very satisfied and content with his service. I will definitely recommend him with my other colleagues, friends and family!

    Pete F.- Fort Worth, TX

    I am so happy and delighted I found John. He bought my mother’s house in Fort Worth, he is very detailed on helping us with the process of the lien and mortgage of the house. It took longer than what we expected but he patiently helped and guided me and my mom to make sure our transaction was complete. I would definitely recommend him 100% to my other family and friends selling their home in DFW.